Projects seeking planning permission from Northumberland County Council...

ACOMB: Trustees of Jane Allgood, Conversion of redundant agricultural buildings to provide 6 x dwellings, Garden House Farm, Ref. No. 21/03446/FUL

ALLENDALE: Mr and Mrs Spicer, Erection of building for storage of machinery and equipment, Wentworth Farm, Shield Street, Ref. No. 21/01641/FUL

ALLENDALE: Mary Telford, Trees in a Conservation Area application to fell 2no. Leylandii trees in close proximity to buildings causing excessive shading with no amenity value, Wayside Cottage, Bridge End, Ref. No. 21/04087/TREECA

CORBRIDGE: Mr John Gray, Works to trees in a conservation area : T1 & T2, - Weeping Willow (Fell to ground level and grind stumps due to dropping branches, obstructing footpaths and light to properties), 1 Manor Cottages, Ref. No. 21/04034/TREECA

CORBRIDGE: Mr John Gray, Works to Trees in a Conservation Area: T1 & 2, Willows, Pollard to 5m - T3 & 4 Limes, crown lift to 4m and remove branch over parking area, T5, Birch, Crown lift by removing bottom branch - T6, Cherry Crown lift to 4m - T7 & 8 Cherries and T9 Birch, Crown lift to 4m - T10 Cherry, Crown lift to 4m, Trees At Manor Cottages, Manor Cottages, Ref. No. 21/04041/TREECA

CORBRIDGE: Mr & Mrs Alastair Moir, Change of use from retail (class E) to residential (class C3), 16 Hill Street, Ref. No. 21/03983/FUL

CORBRIDGE: Mr Ken Weatherill, Discharge of conditions 9 (ground gas protection) and 10 (validation/verification report) on approved application 17/04547/REM, Land West Of Milkwell Lane, Milkwell Lane, Ref. No. 21/03903/DISCON

DARRAS HALL: Mr And Mrs Eliot Brown, 2 no. Dormer windows and new gable in place of hipped roof, ground floor internal alterations and new doors and windows to family room, 6 Errington Close, Ref. No. 21/04019/FUL

DARRAS HALL: Mr & Mrs Manny Perez, Proposal for the erection of a detached summer house, 10 Richmond Way, Ref. No. 21/04040/FUL

HATDON BRIDGE: Mr and Mrs C Robson, Single storey extension, South Cottage, Ref. No. 21/03851/FUL

HAYDON BRIDGE: Mr and Mrs C Robson, Listed building consent for single storey extension, South Cottage, Ref. No. 21/03852/LBC

HEXHAM: Mr Simon Aitkenhead, Construction of timber outbuilding, 1 Linnels Cottages, Ref. No. 21/04010/FUL

HEXHAM: Mr Clark, Change of Use of upper floors above retail units from offices/retail use into 4No. C3 apartments with external metal stair to rear and insertion of new door onto landing, 28A Fore Street, Ref. No. 21/03931/FUL

HEXHAM: Mr and Mrs Gould, Extension to annexe of Dotland Farmhouse to include raised roof over existing annexe and garage, internal alterations, and installation of roof windows and dormer windows, Dotland Farm, Ref. No. 21/04020/FUL

HEXHAM: Andrew Swallow, Prior notification for construction of portal Frame Shed to be used to house agricultural equipment and feed for Sheep, Land West Of Salmonfield, Ref. No. 21/03637/AGRGDO

MEDBURN: Mr S Graham, New dwelling with detached double garage within approved residential development site, Orchard House, The Avenue, Ref. No. 21/04059/FUL

OVINGHAM: Mrs Gill Clare, Proposed two storey side extension; single storey rear extension; Porch, 11 Piper Road, Ref. No. 21/04006/FUL

OVINGTON: Ms Kim Miljus, Discharge of condition 3(materials) on approved application 21/02563/FUL, Brewery Cottage, Ref. No. 21/04045/DISCON

PONTELAND: Mr Stephen Brennan, Listed building consent for use of new welsh heather blue PH slate due to lack of available salvaged slate for re-use, Block 11 And 12 Northumbria Police Hq, Ref. No. 21/04056/LBC

RUDCHESTER: Professor R. and Dr C. Plummer, Discharge of condition 27(Demolition and/or Construction Method Statement), 28(LPA has been provided) and 31(Dust Management Plan) on approved application 19/03490/FUL, Rudchester Farm Cottage

STAMFORDHAM: Mr Boris Davis, Demolition of existing single storey extension to rear and erection of new single storey extension. Remodelling of existing double storey extension to rear to form new window to South elevation and new door opening to East elevation at ground floor level only. Minor remodelling to external landscaping/terrace to rear, Hillside Cottage, Bridge End, Ref. No. 21/04065/FUL

STOCKSFIELD: Mr & Mrs Birch, North east extension, demolition of existing garage to create a two storey rear extension with single storey link to main house and roof terrace over. Relocation of garage to west of house, Eden House, Ridley Mill Road, Ref. No. 21/03933/FUL

WYLAM: Mr Tony Wright, Tree Preservation Order: Partial crown reduction and crown lift to 1 Lime tree (T1), 1 Sycamore tree (T2) and 2 Beech trees (T62) and (T63), crown lift to 1 Beech tree (T3), partial crown reduction to 3 Yew trees (T9), (T33) and T(34), partial crown reduction to 1 Silver Birch tree (T52), and removal of one broken limb from Scots Pine (T46), Wylam Grange, Station Road, Ref. No. 21/03544/PRUTPO