We wanted to find out where the best Italian restaurants in Tynedale are, here are the responses.

Where would you recommend?

Vercelli Restaurant, Hexham

Vercelli is a popular family run restaurant based in the centre of Hexham run by Jordan Dodwell. The restaurant has 4.6 stars on Facebook reviews and is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Cassia Italian Restaurant, Corbridge

This is a cosy restaurant located on Front Street, Corbridge. Rated 4.5 stars the restaurant prides itself in serving 'authentic Italian cuisine, paired with fine wines' offering a family friendly atmosphere.

Salute, Hexham

Another Hexham restaurant, Salute is located on St. Mary's Chare. This is a small cage offering Italian and Mediterranean dishes. The cafe is open seven days a week.

Piccolo, Corbridge

Piccolo is a family friendly restaurant, well known for it's cuisine tucked away behind Corbridge's Hill Street. The restaurant is family owned and run by Emanuele Orto and his wife Pam.

Buongiorno, Hexham

Located in St Mary's Chare, this is a cosy Italian restaurant which is open Monday - Saturday offering a wide range offering both Italian and Mediterranean dishes. The restaurant prides iyself in being vegetarian and having vegan options available.