SCHOOL children have been busy designing their dream homes for a local estate agency.

Pupils from Prudhoe Castle First School were invited by the town's branch of Red Hot Property to design their dream house.

There were no rules for designs and the children were encouraged to be as creative as they wanted. In return for their hard work, the estate agency has given the school some new art supplies.

“This was such a lovely activity for the children to undertake and they really enjoyed being house designers.

"The results have been wonderful and we’re grateful for our new art supplies", said Katie Jacobs, Prudhoe Castle First School headteacher.

Melanie Fairness, branch manager at Red Hot Property, added: “We love doing things with the local community and I really wanted to undertake a project with Prudhoe Castle First School.

"I got chatting with the headteacher, Katie, and we thought it would be a fun activity for children to draw their own dream house.”

The artwork is being displayed in the Red Hot Property, Prudhoe Front Street, and anyone interested in viewing it are welcome to pop in.