A RESTAURANT is set to get a fresh new look after its planning permission was approved by Northumberland County Council.

Vercelli is a family run business in the heart of Hexham, owned by Jordan Dodwell

Jordan said: "We're putting in bi-fold doors on the front to make it more appealing on the street.

"The process has taken a while because we are in a listed building but it has now been approved."

Jordan is applying to get the building work completed through a £2.4 million grant that was launched last year to improve the state of Hexham's high street.

The Heritage Action Zone, which includes Priestpopple, Cattle Market and Battle Hill, is historically known as the town’s thriving centre of trade.

A number of businesses in the town have already used the grant to improve the look of their businesses.

There is no date for when the restaurant will close for building work but the hope is the work will begin early next year and cause minor disruption to the restaurant itself.

Speaking about how business has been recently, Jordan said: "Very good, just very busy. I was expecting it to quieten off a little it towards September and October.

"But is hasn't really happened to be honest which is good."