A Northumberland girl has won a National pageant

6-year-old Abigail Robinson became the overall winner of The Royal Sapphire pageant when it was hosted in Southport on October 10.

The Royal Sapphire Pageant is judged upon individuals’ charitable acts for their community.

Abigail raised awareness for two charities, which was The Sick Children’s Trust, which is this year’s charity of choice for Royal Sapphire Pageants, and the Brain Tumour Charity.

The latter was chosen as a cause close to the family’s heart after Abigail’s grandfather died after a short eight-week battle with a brain tumour during lockdown last year.

Thrilled with the result, Hayley Dickinson, Abigail's mother, said: "She is absolutely over the moon and hasn’t stopped smiling since - we are super proud!

Hayley explains the day of the competition: "It was such a phenomenal experience , there was an opening dance ,then there was 2 heats of categories which were fashionwear and eveningwear.

It was then that the judges made their decisions.

There was points allocated for things such as presence and confidence on the floor and the clothing choices and also additional points for fundraising targets being met etc.

But she popped the competition and has brought home the crown."

Abigail will now reign as Royal Sapphire UK Princess 2021-2022 and will handover at next years finals.

Hayley added: "Her fundraising will continue for the full year and she’ll be making lots of appearances with her crown and sash, this year we’ll fundraiser for Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Grandpa".