A 94-year-old woman has been victorious after winning the nine-hole competition at Wearside golf course.

Margaret Montgomery, who lives in Hexham taken part in the nine-hole competition on Lady Captain's day.

The event was hosted at Wearside golf club and was supported by a fine turnout of 48 ladies.

This was the first event since the start of the pandemic, Margaret walked away victorious with a triumphant win against the other commentators.

On her win, Margaret said: "I was surprised. I didn't feel i had played as well as usual.

"Too many shots not going where they were meant to and too many missed puts."

After her win, Margaret was awarded a mug inscribed with 'I'd rather be playing golf' plus three golf balls and some tee pegs.

Margaret doesn't regularly enter competitions but got persuaded to enter because it was Lady Captain's Day. she said: "I don't plan to enter anymore, i just enjoy playing with my friends some whom are nearly as old as i am."

Margaret keeps a very active lifestyle and tries to be as active as possible, Margaret does puzzles on her iPad every morning as well as playing golf twice a week.

On what advice she has for people on how to live a full life, Margaret said: "My Christian faith sustains my wellbeing. I am blessed with very good friends, most of whom I have made through golf, and socialise with them as much as possible.

"The game of golf is good for body, mind and spirit and also excellent for bringing one down to size!"

Lady Captain's Day saw more glorious wins.

Jan Rossiter was the winner in division one

Pat Bortherwick in division two

Diane Parfitt in division three

And an inspirational performance by Margaret Montgomery winning the nine-hole competition.