A young girl has astonished friends and family by completing 8.2 mile bike ride to raise money for charity.

8-year-old Elyse, of Haydon Bridge, decided that she wanted to make her grandad proud and to raise money for a charity that means something to the family.

The charity that was chosen to receive the donation was the Action Bladder Cancer charity.

It was chosen by the family and Elyse as they are helping her grandad undergoing treatment.

Speaking about the fundraising, Elyse's mum, Jackie Crawford said:"On the 24 September, Elyse completed the 8.2 mile bike ride all in one go with her dad by her side.

We as a family are very proud of her for wanting to raise money and completing her bike ride"

At the end of the fundraising, Elyse raised £341.41 for the charity, which was donated by local shops, community members and Elyse's school.

Speaking about the fundraising in whole, Elyse said: "I am very proud of myself to have done this for my grandad."

"I would like to thank the community and local shops for all their support."