A dog has become a local celebrity with his crazy fur-dos.

The 6-year-old pup Chi-Chon, a chihuahua crossed with a Bichon Frise has a full name of Sir Charles Pickles Playfair Harvey, but is locally known as Pickles and has been playing with different fur-styles since he was a pup.

Emma Wade, 49, of Haltwhistle decided that her dog Pickles should be in the lime light to cheer up locals through tough times by crazy designs and dos of his fur.

She said: "If we can make people smile especially during the difficult times we have all been through, then that to me is worth it. It is a bit of fun, hilarious when you see people doing a double take, not quite sure what they are seeing.

He is well known around Haltwhistle, people are so kind and friendly and we are frequently stopped for a chat and a selfie with Pickles. 

His groomer at the time was Stacey and was the owner of Posh Paws. After 18 months of regular grooms every 6-8 weeks we both decided it would be fun to cut his fur into different styles, such as a mohawk and his leg fur to be cut so it looks like boots.

Pickles loves his grooms and so we developed it further and started dyeing his fur various colours, Caitlyn who has now taken over Posh paws and worked alongside Stacey for years has continued grooming pickles and helps come up with creative designs eg giraffe and at the mo Black and white like a zebra and also very fitting for takeover at NUFC."

I must stress that all products used are specifically for dog fur and Pickles is never distressed. He loves his pamper sessions and loves the attention he receives whenever we are out and about."

Pickles is not only famous locally but also has his own Instagram account.

For anyone wishing to follow the Instagram account, it is: Charlie.pickles.1972