EastEnders (BBC1): Kim overhears Mitch taking a cab booking for a Vince Hubbard and decides to investigate. It turns out the customer is a children’s entertainer but Kim’s confusion only increases when she spots him with what she thinks is her husband’s wallet.

Phil tells Denise to stop her sister digging any further, but will Kim really be prepared to let it go?

Elsewhere, while Kat tries to find out why Tommy is acting distant, Janine turns to Frankie for help in impressing Scarlett. They even plan a party, but the bash goes awry when Kat turns up.

Ash encounters a racist patient and there’s more trouble for her at work when it turns out she’s lost her pass. She’s also in Harvey’s bad books after she throws up in his cab, but when he berates her, he says something that stops Ash in her tracks.

Whitney is shocked to spot a pregnancy test in Chelsea bag and tries to talk to her about it, while Gray is more interested in withdrawing money on Tina’s card.

Coronation Street (ITV): Imran and Toyah’s joy at being told a new foster child is on their way is somewhat tempered by his decision to inform her of Sabeen’s blackmail plot.

Toyah hits back by landing her rival in trouble at work - but Sabeen could have the last laugh when she tells Harvey Gaskell that Toyah is responsible for compromising his appeal. The furious villain then vows to take revenge on both Battersby sisters.

Abi turns up out of the blue, apologising to Kev for taking £2,000 and promising it was to pay for essentials and not drugs. He and Jack are thrilled to see her, but it’s clear something isn’t quite right. Nina realises it too when she chats to her about the wedding, but her efforts to get to the truth cause more problems.

Emmerdale (ITV): Kim realises that Will is hiding something from her, but she’s still shocked when he comes clean and reveals it’s a body.

He admits that he’s nervous about Ellis and Priya’s survival event because the base camp is situated where Malone is buried, but can Will really trust Kim with his darkest secret, or should he be making plans to flee the village?

Meanwhile, Victoria is concerned about what’s going on with David and Meena, so quietly slips into Farrers’, only to interrupt the couple during an intimate moment. David is furious at first, but when he later calms down, he secretly admits that Victoria is the one he really loves. Unfortunately, Meena has overheard every word and starts to plot to get rid of her rival.

Gabby is concerned when Kim suggests she draws up a will, leaving her open to Diane’s suggestion that they run away from their troubles together, while Manpreet tells Rishi she doesn’t love him anymore. Unfortunately, she says this after he gets a tattoo to show his devotion.

Hollyoaks (C4): As Sienna continues to search for Brody’s killer, Warren struggles with his guilt and breaks down in the garage.

Unaware of his dad’s latest crime, Joel tries to comfort him by saying that sometimes the truth is best left buried. However, when Sienna lets slip that she’s found a potential witness, it seems Warren may be taking his son’s advice a little too literally...

Warren is also under pressure as he and Fergus bring their dodgy job forward and start putting their escape plan into motion. But when Maxine reveals she still has feelings for him, will Warren rethink leaving Hollyoaks?

Elsewhere, Juliet works out the identity of the stalker but while she’s playing detective, Peri takes pity on Timmy when he claims to be homeless and agrees to let him stay for the night, only to later realise that she’s put herself in danger.

Goldie has a new plan to break up Prince and Olivia, and Brooke’s attempts to help Ripley backfire.

Neighbours (C5): Give Sheila her due, when she comes across a fascinating nugget in someone’s life, she wastes no time using it to feed the gossip mill. Sadly, this time it’s about her own grandson and his nights with Levi and Amy, which takes the shine off the latter’s delight at having her own apartment.

Meanwhile, Nicolette brings Isla to see her dads but is whisked out of sight by Jane to avoid further tension. However, when she reveals she’s going to be moving into Number 32, Aaron and David are pleased, but Chloe’s new engagement ring looks set to sour the happy atmosphere.

Elsewhere, Paul is convinced inviting Jesse to Melbourne will help him win back Terese, Karl is baffled when Melanie tells him his prize money is on his desk, but it’s nowhere to be found, and Hendrix avoids Mackenzie’s probing questions, leaving her no choice but to call in the Kennedys.

Home and Away (C5): Martha gets support from her loved ones when she ends up on the brink of ditching the fundraiser after receiving bad news.

Tori and Christian end up at loggerheads while planning their wedding, prompting Logan to step in and soothe the troubled waters. There’s stress too for Dean, who is determined to push through his pain and leave hospital and move in with Ziggy. Mackenzie’s convinced the pair are moving too fast, and she could be right when Dean ends up furious at Ziggy for avoiding a question.