A Northumberland boy has yet again scooted his way to become the under 12 UK champion.

Josh Newton, (12), lives in Prudhoe with his family and has been riding scooters since he was seven years old.

The competition took place on October 3, 2021, and saw Josh scoot against 9 other riders to win the competition

Josh originally used to ride on a BMX down at the skate park but after asking for a scooter, Josh found his passion and never looked back.

He previously won the under-eights championship a few years ago, off the back of that win, Josh got sponsored and is now sponsored by two teams, Invert sport, Australia and Island Extreme, Isle of Wight.

Josh was thrilled to win, especially after he had not been able to ride for a few weeks leading up to the competition.

On winning, Josh said: "Yeah, i was very happy."

Josh's dad, Gary is arguable one of his biggest fans watching him and supporting him at every competition Josh takes part in. On his son's success, Gary said: "He hasn't ridden for three weeks leading up to the competition, so it was unbelievable to see him, he's done amazing."


This year at the Olympics there was a lot of focus on scootering, Olympic champion Charlotte Worthington started her journey on a scooter and switched to BMX.

It is hoped by scooter fanatics like Josh, that one day scootering will become an Olympic sport.

One of Josh's dreams would be to go to the Olympics and represent an extreme sport he loves being part of. Gary said: "He would love to be a part of it, he thrives on the adrenaline rush of competing.

"Josh loves doing it."

Being as passionate about the sport Josh is, he would love to help more children into the sport.

Last year Josh campaigned for Highfield skatepark to receive a major funding boost from the Prudhoe town council.

Josh wrote a letter to the council regarding the state of the skatepark and how outdated it was.

After being debated by town councillors, £180,000 of funding was put into the skatepark to redevelop the site which Josh designed himself.

Even after the major investment, it is still difficult for local children to get good use of a skatepark. Gary is still calling for better maintained skateparks in the North, he said: "It's so hard for kids round here, as a lot of the good skateparks are in the south or the country."