TWO women trapped in an overturned car have thanked the emergency service workers who rescued after a crash.

Allendale fire crew, assisted by crews from Haltwhistle and Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service, attended a single vehicle collision at Ninebanks on Friday (October 1).

The two female occupants of the car, who had travelled to the area for a weekend of walking, had become trapped inside.

Dave Stevenson, from Allendale Community Fire Station, said: "On arrival we were quickly able to stabilise the car and then use our specialist equipment to gain entry.

"One of our crew, Matty, who is a trained trauma care specialist, was able to get into the car and assess the occupants for injuries before the crew released them and enabled them to be checked over by paramedics from North East Ambulance Service."


The two women - named Gaynor and Tracy - were luckily left with no serious injuries - despite the car flipping on its side.

And they later got in touch with the Allendale crew to let them know they were fit and well following their scary experience.

The pair said: "We are so so thankful to the men that helped us and the first guy Matt who came into the vehicle then apparently rang the hostel to see if we are ok.

"We are absolutely fine and walked 12 miles the next day with just minor aches and pains and bruises.

"They were all so brilliant and we’d like to thank each and everyone of them. Thank you so much."

Dave said: "It’s always great to know how people are, especially after such incidents."