HEXHAM Town Councillors want to see a 20mph speed limit throughout the whole of the town.

The council has selected its three priority projects for inclusion in next year’s Local Transport Plan.

The proposals, which are put forward by each parish as well as county councillors on an annual basis, will help form the county council’s aims and objectives for transport and highways in the next financial year.

Speaking at the latest Town Council meeting (September 13), Coun. John Ord said: "I think that we should have a 20mph zone across the whole of Hexham, then there's no confusion."

There are currently 20mph zones in the town centre and around Queen Elizabeth High School.

Mayor of Hexham Derek Kennedy said: "Hexham is a real patchwork quilt of 20s and 30s. People are going into 20mph zones, into 30mph zones, back into 20, and it's really confusing.

"This patchwork quilt of having different speed zones is not helpful."

Coun. Kennedy suggested places where the 20 mph zone could start include after the bridge over the River Tyne, near Shaws Park on the West Road, near Southlands on the Allendale Road, or by the new housing estates on Corbridge Road.

"There's only a handful of entry points into Hexham," Coun. Kennedy said.

Other priority projects Hexham Town Council have submitted include closing the market place to traffic on market days, and the introduction of a lollipop person outside Hexham Middle and QEHS.

The feasibility of each project will be determined by the county council next year.