A Northumberland based illustrator has just released her first book since graduating from university and she is thrilled.

Aimee Wright who lives in Hexham graduated from Leeds Arts University in 2019 and has now illustrated her first book.

The book is called 'The Missing Trick' and is written by Robin Jacobs.

It tells a story of a young magician called Louie who unknowingly brings people together with his magic tricks and has been on sale since the start of September.

On how she felt being asked to illustrate the book, Aimee said: "It was amazing, I felt so over the moon to be contacted by them and it was obviously during the time of lockdown, this was my project.

"The story is about people coming together and for it to be out now when we're coming out of lockdown it's wonderful."

Aimee was contacted by Cicada Books to illustrate the story, she was asked to illustrate the narrative the author has written through her style of drawing.

Aimee said: "I have loved every minute of illustrating it, it's a joyous story and I have loved the opportunity to be part of it."

The book itself has been out on the shelves since the start of September and Aimee has been receiving great feedback from people who have grabbed themselves a copy.

But how does the process of illustrating a book work?

Aimee explained: "After I was asked to illustrate the story, I began with initial character design for the main characters, then went onto working out and designing how the characters would tell the story in each spread/flow from page to page, also spending time discussing these with the publisher at different stages.

"Then once these were approved by the publisher, I went on to do the final coloured art work."

Amy said that she take inspiration from everyday life.

She added: "In 'The Missing Trick', some of the characters are directly inspired by people I know – I love to combine playful narratives and characters, to build upon my own unique visual world!

"I also draw a lot of inspiration from Northumberland, its beautiful landscapes/nature/history and those who live there."

'The Missing Trick' is available to buy in all good book stores and online shops.