Hexham Courant readers have had their say on fears over pertol shortages, which saw queues at forecourts as drivers rushed to fill up.

It comes as the AA has told drivers not to “fill up outside of their normal routines”.

BP revealed on Thursday it has been forced to close a number of petrol stations across the UK amid the ongoing shortage of HGV drivers.

Ministers faced fresh pressure to ease immigration rules as an emergency measure to attract HGV drivers from overseas amid warnings that 100,000 more were needed across the industry.

Here is what you had to say:

Rachel Manley was in the queue and said: "I went to top up today as I use my car for work as a home carer and the garage was packed with everyone filling up."

Stephen Sparke recalls the panic buying from last year: "The people panic buying petrol will be using it to set fire  to the toilet paper that they bought last year".

Paul Robbie wrote: "People were queuing out the garge and up past the cricket pitch this afternoon, petrol is the new toilet roll ha ha."

Michael Fitzpatrick was not panicking and joked: "I only got my usual three bathtubs worth."