EastEnders (ITV): Dana is the centre of attention for reasons both good and bad this week, as Bobby declares his love for her, while Harvey pressures her to continue her education by going to university.

However, she’s already decided against it, and when she sees him asking for more hours from Kat to fund her studies, Dana puts her foot down and demands he respect her choice.

Whitney thinks she’s blown her opportunity with Jen, only for Gray to be her white knight and persuade Jen to give her another chance. However, when it appears to pay off and Whitney’s offered a job on a cruise liner, Gray realises he’s succeeded too well and takes action.

Janine is over the moon to land a trial behind the bar at the pub as she continues to try to win back Scarlett, and a ray of light falls into Martin’s life after Zack insists he move in with him and Sharon.

Coronation STREET (ITV): Audrey and Rita’s feud looks set to continue as Audrey takes offence at the birthday celebrations Gail organises. She storms off in a huff, only to back into Rita’s car, causing more aggravation between the women.

There’s trouble too for Imran after he refuses Sabeen’s offer to join Harvey Gaskell’s appeal and insists he deserves to remain in prison.

While he focuses on Kelly’s sentencing and gives an emotional address to the court, the penny drops for Toyah and she realises he’s been lying to her. She confronts him and he says he was with Sabeen, which she confirms, but she knows he wasn’t with her all night.

Kevin, Nina and Asha plot to bring down Corey, who not only gets off scot-free, but is promoted to the County first team, while Daniel is aghast when David reports him to the school and the police for an assault on Max, who in turn delights in winding up his dad.

Emmerdale (ITV): Leyla is more convinced than ever that all is not well with Liam and, sure enough, she discovers he doesn’t work at the hospital. She tries to confront him but he dismisses her concerns, and the mystery deepens when she and Priya follow him to a strange house.

He’s in a brighter mood when he comes home and lies about where he has been, leaving Leyla hurt and facing several unhappy choices.

Elsewhere, Paddy feels trapped over the horse-doping, as Kim toys with him before asking him to dope another race and Al, realising they’re up to something, tries to blackmail the vet.

Sarah and Noah listen to Chloe as she recounts her family life, dissolving into tears. He comforts her, but then drops the bombshell that he fancies Chloe, and vows to keep her identity a secret as long as Sarah lets him tag along to their meetings.

Plus, Marlon is saddened to hear a court date has been set for Rhona’s assault charge hearing.

A lovelorn Toad

Neighbours (C5): Despite trying and failing to win Melanie back, Toadie still manages to fall into Rose’s arms as she tries to ‘comfort’ him over the break-up.

She suggests a fun business meeting, followed by a family picnic, replacing the Father’s Day plans Melanie made, but it’s not long before his heartbreak resurfaces. At least he has time to confront Amy over her relationships and public behaviour, and turns to Levi for advice and comfort.

Meanwhile, Terese insists on visiting Julie in prison, and Paul fears details of the Quill deal will come up in conversation. Instead, the women talk about the hotel explosion and Josh’s death, and when she gets back.

Terese is aghast to learn Jesse has quit his job and will move to Sydney, while Harlow tells her that the Lassiters’ staff get a free drink at the end of their shift without Paul’s knowledge. The news doesn’t land Chloe in trouble, but Harlow soon regrets her decision to blow the whistle.

Tension abounds

Home AND AWAY (C5): A busy week sees tension build between Justin, John and Leah, as the men struggle to agree boundaries over the garage, and even some exciting news doesn’t smooth ruffled feathers. Mixing business and friendship is not a good idea.

Chloe vies for Ryder’s attention as she gets fixated on the notion of their joint catering business, while Jasmine is baffled after her amazing first date with Cash is cut short so he can go and see the mysterious ‘Felicity’. Unfortunately, the latter and Cash’s financial woes are set to scupper another date for Jasmine.

Meanwhile, Nikau is released from hospital but is far from recovered, and his relationship with Bella has changed - though she refuses to believe it.

Mackenzie and Logan flirt, though romance doesn’t seem to be on the cards, and Tane regrets hitting it off with Cash’s sister. Plus, Dean is frustrated by the rigours of physical therapy and Martha busts a gut planning the fundraiser.

Timmy trouble

Hollyoaks (C4): Juliet’s suspicions that Peri is being unfaithful lead to a confrontation between the pair, and Juliet only realises the problem is Timmy when it’s too late. He pushes her down the stairs, but contemplates even more drastic action as she lies unconscious in hospital.

A shock accusation leaves Peri with a dilemma, but does she make the right decision afterward? Shaq is determined to find out who his father is, but Misbah refuses to play ball.