A 52-YEAR-OLD man is running 21 consecutive ultra-marathons across England to raise £100,000 for CALM.

Matt Bagwell has created an event called 'Run the Country Ultra' which will see him run over 1050kms across English this month to raise funds and awareness for male suicide prevention and World Suicide Prevention day.

Over the weekend Matt took part in his 12th run where he ran from Haltwhistle to Penrith.

Matt's partner Michelle Flynn said: "The weekend was very tough as he was on his own, crossing the Pennines was especially terrifying but he made it safely across."

The event started in Cornwall on September 5 and will finish in London on October 5.

Matt hopes to see £100,000 raised to support the suicide prevention charity CALM.

On why he is doing this extraordinary challenge, Matt said: "I am in recovery from mental health problems and so I want to push myself as far as I possibly can to see what is possible.

"I know what it is like to be in the depths of despair, I know what it is like to get to the point of which I didn't want to be here anymore.

"This is I guess the polar opposite of that, it's like well I am now celebrating living life to the full and I want to share that with as many people as possible and show it is possible to make a full recovery.

"Running is very much at the heart of maintaining positive wellbeing for me, connecting with other people and connecting with the nature I run through.

"It's going to be astonishing."

As well as running Matt is a certified breathwork instructor, running free classes on Instagram each week. He also works with sports teams and CEO's to help them optimise their breathing performance.

So far on his runs, Matt has been joined by people to support him and keep him company.

Matt has been running the 'Run the Country Ultra' since September 5, on how the event has been going so far he said: "I have totally and utterly loved it, I am seeing different areas, I am seeing different regions.

"You can really get the feel of a place by running through it, you have time to really savour the place and feel the different energies.

"It's been really fantastic. I've met a lot of interesting people, I have had a lot of great conversations. My body is holding up, yes I feel tired, yes I feel aches and pains but nothing that is stopping me from doing what I love.

"To see England sometimes we can be really quick to be critical of this country and scared or concerned but England is still a very beautiful and magnificent place and there is a lot of very kind people out there and I have felt connected to it."

So far Matt has raised over £28,000 for CALM and people are still able to donate.

Anna Jones, Chief Revenue Officer, CALM said: "Matt is one of CALM's most dedicated supporters, and his ambitious plan to run the country in support of our life-saving work is inspiring.
"His commitment to engaging with local communities and get them speaking about CALM is vital in our fight against suicide and ensuring people live a life less miserable.

"Matt is self-funding his challenge, meaning that all money raised goes towards our helpline services. Any financial contributions you can offer to enable him to do the challenge means that we can continue to be there for those that need us most, no matter what.

"Please join us in supporting Matt and CALM’s fight in uniting against suicide in any way you are able to."