EastEnders (BBC1): Linda is determined that Mick will be her baby’s legal father once he signs the birth certificate, but Rainie has other ideas as she posts flyers claiming Max is the real dad. So, Mick decides to take matters into his own hands, leaving Rainie and Stuart shocked.

Bobby, Dana, Waseem, Iqra and Kioni are also handing out flyers, although theirs are in support of the local mosque. They attract the attention of a group of aggressive men, who start throwing out racial slurs before later assaulting Dana.

Whitney’s latest gig goes well until Rocky spots Sonia’s new love interest Ethan kissing another woman and punches him. What will this mean for Whitney’s career and Sonia’s budding romance?

Patrick gives his blessing to Isaac’s plan to move Lola in, but Sheree is less impressed as she tries to push ahead with her Trinidad plan. Meanwhile, Denise is shocked when the headteacher tells her that Isaac still has a job there, before finding Sheree showing an estate agent around the house...

Martin drowns his sorrows, and Kat encourages Janine to get an above-board job.

Big Brother is Being Watched

Coronation STREET (ITV): Alya accepts Zeedan’s loan, but when he belatedly tries to play the protective big brother by having a go at Ryan for cheating on her, she points out that he wasn’t there when her and Yasmeen really needed him.

It seems Zeedan could have an ulterior method for coming back now, as he is later found bleeding and battered in the ginnel. He initially hints to the police that Ryan was behind the attack, before coming clean to his family about being in serious trouble.

Elsewhere, grieving Freda is hurt when Bernie claims that Aled will be ‘normal’ once he’s got his cochlear implant. She offers to take the youngster for a walk and then disappears with him, just as Gemma and Chesney are about to take their son for his operation.

Norris manages to stir up trouble at his own funeral thanks to a final letter, a row between David and Daniel over the teacher’s supposed favouritism threatens to get out of hand, and Kelly is convinced her dad paid her legal fees.

Emmerdale (ITV): Marlon and Chas are forced to close the Woolpack when the electric cuts out, but what they don’t know is that someone has deliberately severed the external mains cable.

Charity later walks in on a hooded intruder making off with the contents of the pub till, but the thief leaves her unconscious in a pool of blood. She’s taken to the hospital, where Chas is distraught to hear her cousin is suffering from a bleed on the brain. Will Charity pull through?

Meanwhile, Paddy is horrified at the idea of having Al as a co-owner of the Woolpack, and asks Kim to help get rid of him. She points out it’s actually in her best interests if Al is distracted from HOP and says the vet will have to sweeten the deal – by doping her racehorse.

Diane is horrified when she realises Gabby is planning to elope with Jamie, but what the would-be bride doesn’t know is that he’s busy trying to convince Dawn that they can runaway together.

Pleas from Mercy

Hollyoaks (C4): Mercedes has been putting off telling Bobby about the end of her marriage in the hope the relationship can still be salvaged, but when Sylver returns home, he tells his stepson the truth.

However, Mercedes sees a way to win her husband back when she discovers he owes money to Fergus, but when she tells Sylver she’s cleared his debt, he isn’t as grateful as she’d hoped. Is it finally time to admit defeat?

Meanwhile, after overhearing Yazz and Tom rowing about her continued presence in the Cunningham home, Cher claims that her dad has forgiven her and she’s moving back to The Dog. In reality, she has nowhere to go, especially after she misinterprets Romeo’s offer of friendship. After she can’t even sneak into the Loft, it’s clear she’s hit rock bottom as Bobby shows Sylver a tweet that could be interpreted as a cry for help...

Meanwhile, Fergus resorts to dirty tricks to get Warren to join him on a dodgy job, and Sid gets good news about his police application, but celebrates a bit too hard when he loses his prosthetic leg on a night out.

Bella Won’t Play Ball

Home AND AWAY (C5): Martha suggests holding a fundraiser for mental health awareness, and Ryder tries to persuade Bella to get involved but she’s not interested. His efforts to cheer Chloe up, while her mum’s in the hospital are equally unsuccessful.

Cash has a breakthrough in his attempts to woo Jasmine, after she tells Irene she’s agreed to a date with him, while Dean is knocked for six when Ziggy, after chatting with Mackenzie, drops a bombshell about Tane.

Elsewhere, Ari won’t leave Nikau’s side at the hospital, but when the latter does wake up, he rejects his friends’ support and blames himself for the accident.

As Mia decides to go back to work, Ari frets that it’s too soon. Logan reminisces about working overseas with Christian, before winning friends in some parts of the Summer Bay community and butting heads with others.

Justin rashly investigates a potential break-in at the garage, ignoring Leah’s pleas to wait for the police.

Out on Strike

Neighbours (C5): The rumblings of dissent among the Lassiters’ staff at Harlow’s nepotistic appointment turn into a full-scale strike, while Chloe wastes no time sticking the knife in whenever she can.

Terese is grateful for Jesse’s support during the tense time, but a slip of the tongue leaves her working to smooth things over, only for a visit to Julie in prison to cause more aggro. Meanwhile, David can’t stop thinking about the loan, and a cornered Paul tells him he paid Nicolette to stay away after she handed over the baby. There’s more woe too for Toadie.