A CHOIR that has been singing for more than 70 years is on the hunt for new recruits.
Hexham Male Voice Choir is based at the West End Methodist Chapel in the town and they want fresh voices to join and be part of the friendly community.

The choir has been running since 1948 and has become a huge part of the local community.

It currently has a core membership of 20 - 25 members, James Walmsley is the choir's secretary and has been involved for two years – ever since he moved into the area.
He said: "I had sung in choirs down in the south, one in particular based in Sussex which was a male choir, not of the level of the one I am in now with Hexham.

"I actually find Hexham quite vibrant with the art scene and I thought 'well I would like to carry on singing and I retired when we moved here so effectively I had a bit more time on my hands."

Recently the choir finally got back to face to face rehearsals after spending 76 weeks rehearsing via zoom.

On what the next steps for the choir are, chairman Stephen Redwood said: "The immediate plan is to keep the choir going. Prior to Covid we had a membership of around 30 members.

"Over the last 18 months, like a lot of organisations, we have been reduced to continuing on zoom.

"For various reasons not all the choir have taken that up, we have had a core of 18 people keeping us going but we have just gone back to live rehearsals, we had our first on September 2.

"Everyone was very pleased to be there but it was obvious not everyone was there and we know not everyone is coming back."

The choir is looking for any male no matter their age to become part of the group which is holding an open rehearsal evening on Thursday, September 30, at 7pm at West End Methodist Church in Hexham.

You do not need any experience in singing, you don't need to be able to read music, and you are able to bring someone else along with you.

James Walmsley said: "Just be prepared to enjoy yourself, as singing is proven to be totally beneficial for health, heart and soul."

The Chairman of Hexham male voice choir, Stephen Redwood stressed his appreciation for Jim, Stewert and Claire who are the musicians who work with the choir.

If anyone is interested in joining and going down to the opening event contact James Walmsley on 07771 715574 or email hmvc.sec.james@gmail.com