A BUSY junction in a Tynedale town has seen major investment to improve traffic flow and road safety.

The Front Street/Station Bank junction in Prudhoe has been controlled by traffic lights for many years, but now the most modern set available has been installed to ensure the flow of traffic is as seamless as possible.

The Siemens Plus+ traffic control system is described as a “completely new approach to traffic signal control with intelligent infrastructure”.

The Siemens Mobility ST950 Plus+ system uses simple four core cables and intelligent communications.

The installation comes shortly after national trials in Coventry were successfully completed.

Northumberland County Councillor Gordon Stewart, who represents Prudhoe South, said: “This is a busy junction and it is right that we have the best possible system in place.

“I raised issues with the county council about the lights on several occasions and I’m delighted to see such major investment into ground breaking technology; this will help support local business as well as the wider community.”

Councillor John Riddle, who is the Northumberland County Council cabinet member for local services was invited to visit the new installation.

He said: “This system is the most efficient and environmentally friendly available and will provide great service for years to come.”