COUNCILLORS have voiced their fears over speeding after more than 1,000 cars a day were caught breaking the speed limit in Otterburn.

Two cameras were recently installed at the entrance and exit to the village on the A596 to try and combat the issues. And the data they have provided is 'alarming' says one councillor.

The cameras had been funded by Northumbria Water Ltd and Ray Windfunds, the new speed cameras replaced the two old broken cameras that had not been working in the last few years.

The data shows that in August alone 41,537 vehicles exceeded the 30mph speed limit which averaged out at 1,071 a day.

On entry to the capture zone, 33,196 vehicles exceeded the 30pmh limit, 10,045 exceeded 40mph, 837 exceeded 50mph ad 32 vehicles exceeded over 60mph. 

On exit from the capture zone, 20,273 people exceeded the 30mph speed limit with 3,501 exceeding 40mph, 300 exceeding 50mph and 16 vehicles exceeding over 60mph.

George Peto from the Parish Council said: "We’ve had these figures and they’re quite alarming. We’re working with the council and the police to combat these issues and there are solutions in the pipeline. This is the first step in tackling speeding in our village.”

38.9 per cent of vehicles that were flashed for exceeding 30mph slowed down to 30mph or below before exiting the zone.  August was also the first month that no vehicles were caught exceeding 70mph.

The fastest recorded vehicle entering the zone was 66.18mph on August 18, 2021, and the fasted speed exiting the zone was 67.09mph on August 16, 2021. 

Records for the last four months showed that 153,565 vehicles exceeded the 30mph speed limit averaging at 38,391 a month. 

The fastest speed entering the zone in those months was 74.9mph on 9 June and the fastest speed leaving the zone was recorded at 74.44mph on the 29th of June.