ON Sunday, August 29 the police were called to a car event in Prudhoe.

The event took place in Low Prudhoe Industrial Estate, there were an estimated 500 cars in attendance at the meet with residents taking to social media to voice their concerns about the event. 

The police arrived at the scene after residents were concerned about the way in which some attendees were driving around on the surrounding streets. 

The following day, social media erupted with people defending the meet and some criticising it.

Amanda Turner said: "Put more speed cameras there. That will sort out the problem before someone gets seriously hurt or worse."

Michael Lawson defended the meetup and said: "Can i also point out that this is not a 'car rally'. Rallies are professionally organised sanctioned motorsport events with governing bodies, officials, marshals, medical rescue and route liaison. Wish people in the media would stop calling car meets rallies...Nothing in common between the two whatsoever."

To which John Marshall replied "great point and one I was going to make too. Not good publicity for Motorsport car rallies which are always well organised thought out and executed to ensure that there is minimal effect or harm to normal road users."

In reaction to people defending the meet, Michelle Gallon said:" Read these comments. I guess we imagined the 2 near misses we had because of dangerous overtaking and the hundred or so people standing around obstructing the view when we got to the roundabout."

Richard Porter added: "It is a public highway, not a race track. I don't understand there should even be a discussion. This is an unlawful gathering; I had no reason to travel that night but our house is a mile away from Low Prudhoe and it was oud until after midnight. Had I needed to travel this is not what road users should expect to come across. It is intimidating, it is loud, it is antisocial, it is dangerous and it is unacceptable."  

Jason Roper also defended the meetup and said: "People moaning and exaggerating as always! We arranged this to be static and a few people put their foot down up the road (national speed limit road) always get a few so what  McDonald’s Prudhoe made more money last night than they will the rest on the month! We cleared up all the rubbish after all the cars had left and made sure it was left the same we way found it! Literally done more for the local businesses in 1 night than most of the residents do in a year!"

Brenda Lowry responded to Jason's claimed and said: "I beg to differ. There were cars driving up and down through the estate, speeding along the bottom road. Two abreast at times. The noise of it went on for at least four hours. The rubbish was all over the next morning."