A FIRE crew attended a camp fire incident at Deneholme Woods in Allendale yesterday.

Just before 3.30pm yesterday (August 16), an Allendale crew member received a call from a member of their retained crew who said he believed he could see smoke coming from the woods.

He then attended the location and saw an area of undergrowth and trees were alight.

An incident was then instigated with Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service control and the full Allendale crew were called out to deal with the fire, where they found an unattended camp fire out of control.

Dave Stevenson, from Allendale Community Fire Station, said: "We attended the scene and were able to deploy two crew members with firefighting equipment down the steep embankment to the seat of the fire where we were quickly able to contain and then extinguish the fire.

"The area affected was approximately 3 meters by 4 meters and also involved 4 established trees that had sustained burn damage to a height of around 2 meters."

He added: "Examination of the scene showed that rocks had been placed on the ground in a circle to produce a campfire and there were remnants of a fire within that area.

"The ground is covered in a thick mat of pine needles and other debris from the woodland and it could be seen that the fire had travelled from the campfire, across this ground covering and up the embankment where it had taken to the trees as well."