A WOMAN with terminal cancer who was given between six and eight months to live in June last year has taken home another gold medal at an archery event - the third in just three competitions.

Champion archer Allison Wright was diagnosed with mesothelioma – a rare type of cancer in her lung in the summer of 2020. It came a quarter of a century after she beat breast cancer aged just 29.

Allison's return to archery has been met with astounding success in a number of local competitions - most recently at the NFAS competition day at Wild Geese. It follows county records, national titles and international representation for Great Britain in the World Championships.

"It's been lovely to get so many messages of support from local people and archery friends around the world", she said. "It was lovely being in and around the archery community."

David Bowen, of Wild Geese, said: "The respect and admiration people had for Allison at the competition was clear when she collected her medal. It was great to see her beaming smile - it made the day."