STOCKSFIELD won the Hadrian Golf League last night after clinching all 12 points available against Westerhope.

Going into the last day, Stocksfield were second behind Hexham and just one point ahead of Close House.

Finton Kealy, Vice Captain of Stocksfield Golf, said: "It just feels really, really good.  We're very proud and very pleased."

They have retained the title which they also won in 2019, before the league was put on hold in 2020.

"We were up against some difficult and great opposition, expecially Hexham and Close House."

In fact, they needed Close House to beat Hexham in order to win the title, with Close House also taking all 12 points in that round.

"Thanks to all the lads who made up the team and thank you to Matthew Charlton of Hexham who sponsor the team and allow us to do what we do."

In the league, teams consist of six golfers who each play a round against someone from an opposition club.  If they win their round they take two points and if they draw they take one.

Stocksfield took 124 points from 14 rounds, an average of 8.9 points per round.

As they were just one point ahead of Close House, who swept Hexham to finish with 123 points, it was vital that every member of the team did better than a draw to win.

Kealy, who works as a housing officer for a housing association, said: "We knew going into last nights game against Westerhope, who had a great result the week before, it wouldn’t be easy.

"We’re really proud of the lads and the guys that competed in the team.  A core of six players that have been regular and consistent and a couple of other guys who have stepped in when needed."

He doesn't want the team to get complacent, however.

"You can see from the standings that we’ve won it by the smallest of margins and to retain next year we will have to maintain and up our game.

"The clubs at the top are really keen to be up there again next year.

"We benefit from a really close-knit group of home-grown players that have come through the junior ranks at the club."

The team consisted of:

Captain: Anthony Digirolamo

Vice Captain: Finton Kealy

James Cram

Ben Lee

Dom Lee

Alex Brown

Sam Wilkinson

Josh McCutcheon

John Arnott

Ben Squire

The club benefitted from new members showing interest when golf was one of the first sports to re-convene when restrictions lifted.

"Golf is one of the sports that has really attracted a great deal of interest because we were able to unlock when others weren’t able to.

"We would encourage anyone to take up a sport which is not only a healthy pastime but get out in the outdoors and become part of a unique family.