Hexham Courant readers have been recalling their favourite nights out from yesteryear.

We asked if you could have one night out past or present, where would you go?

Readers fondly recalled dancing, jumpsuits, big hair and smoking inside, as they remembered the bars, pubs and clubs they used to frequent.

Moyra Hardy said: “Our old Locarno, very happy times back then, Manhattan Bar first for a few drinks and then on for a few hours dancing.”

Before the days of Tinder and texting, readers remembered one venue had a novel way of encouraging its guests to chat each other up.

Sheila Beniams said: “Julie’s and the club that had phones on the tables so you could call someone you fancied in the room... Fancy that...”

Lisa Baker replied: “Tuxedo Junction! OMG! Can remember drinking White Mercedes all night in there.....I was a mess!”

Sheila said: “Fab place.. Big hair shoulder pads smoking INSIDE!!!!”

Barbara Smith also liked a night out at Tuxedo Junction.

She said: “Trying to see who’s calling you before you pick up the phone! Good times... I have so many great memories of times spent with lots of different friends, hard to pick one out.

“I miss all my UK pals and all the shenanigans we engaged in and the hysterical laughter that was generally part of every occasion!”

Talking about going ‘out out’ Lesley Cobb asked: “Can you remember Grobs in Newcastle? You had to be a member to get in and we felt so grown up!”

Barbara replied: “ I do indeed. We went there for my hen night, wearing long dresses! And do you remember the zip up jump suits? Dangerous clothing.

“Lesley Cobb I remember yours was red, mine was brown corduroy. We were so trendy!”

Legend has it boxer Frank Bruno once put in an appearance at Tuxedo Junction – but like any other punter he had to make his way past the bouncers.

Lisa Baker said: “I can remember Frank Bruno being in one night. The Junction had a massive guy as a bouncer and he towered over Bruno!”

The Heart of Northumberland was also a popular night out.

Charlie Harris said: “The Heart was always the place to be.. some crazy memories of nights in there!”

James Clare added: “Easy. The Heart of Northumberland for a bite to eat and a couple of pints.”

Rob Turnbull enjoyed a night at The Doll. He said: “It was one hell of a battle to avoid the broken glass etc, but the music was magic!”

Karen Rowlands had a strategy though. She said: “That’s why I always wore my Docs...”

Elaine Brinton enjoyed a similar circuit. She said: “Stage door , Rockshots, the Mayfair... But I was banned from the Broken Doll.”

However she remained tight lipped about the reason she was not allowed to return.

Kaye Fairless said: “Allendale ,where we once had five pubs. Gosh those were the days!”

Neil Wade said the Anchor in Whittonstall was the place to be on a Monday night in the late 80s.

Others mentioned were the Manor in Haltwhistle – Adrian Leadbitter’s choice, and Fortinis – Clare Stephenson’s choice.

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