A sandwich shop in the region has remained a popular location for customers despite the challenges of the last 15 months.

Jethros, in Haltwhistle, has continued to serve residents in the town throughout the course of the Covid pandemic.

The location sells a range of products - both hot and cold - with co-owner Donna Maxwell admitting its been rather busy start to life for her and husband Peter.

"We took over the business nearly three years ago," said Donna.

"An opportunity came up and we kind of just took it over!

"We had a flood within the first four months of opening which closed us for three months and then we've had the Covid (pandemic).

"We've worked all the way through Covid apart from six weeks thankfully- we've been lucky enough to."

Donna went on to explain about some of the products Jethros sells including something rather unique to them.

"We make our own ice cream," added Donna.

"It's all made here in the shop. Nobody else does it so we decided we'd do it!

"Without going to the shop so much, we've had to change our cellar into a production area!

"We have five staff that just work tirelessly.

"We can't grumble at how busy we've been - we've had our quiet spells like everyone else through Covid but our feet haven't touched the floor. Three years has flown over.

"We're part of the ice cream alliance which is a trade membership for quality ice cream and we've also got a certificate from Downing Street for small business of the year which we got in the pandemic."

Although Jethros has remained busy during the course of the last 15 months, Donna added that the last 15 months has been an unusual time for the business.

"Covid has been strange," she explained.

"We've just had to tackle each hurdle as it came. We've followed every precaution and restriction.

"We did deliveries through lockdown but once the restrictions changed we had to stop it as the shop was so busy."

"We do paninis and burgers and salad boxes at the minute due to the weather and we make our own cheesecakes and cakes."

Jethros is located on Market Square in Haltwhistle and is currently open Monday-Wednesday from 08:30 until 14:30. Between Thursday-Saturday they are open from 08:00-!5:00 and currently on Sunday's they are open between 10am and 2pm.