School days. Some say they are the best days of your life but it’s a rare pupil who makes it through without a stint in detention or a trip to the headteacher’s office.

Who can forget the scathing injustice of being kept behind in class for something you didn’t do? Or the indignity of being called to the front of assembly for a public roasting?

We asked our readers to share some of the silly things that got them into trouble at school.

And it turns out, you’re a pretty rum bunch.

Mary Morrisey Holmes got into trouble for correcting a teacher. She says: “I told my geography teacher that pasta didn’t grow on trees. (She said it did- I’d been to Italy, she hadn’t) hate getting in trouble when you’re right.”

Ian Carmichael was the go-to guy when you wanted out of PE. He says: “Writing a bunch of forged notes for me and my mates for PE.

“They were written on the same paper. And in the same writing. That’s what gave me away. We all had to do it in stupid shorts anyway.”

Paul Irving got in trouble for “removing the “April” from “April fools disco” poster”. A classic April Fool’s prank, surely?

Music lessons provided plenty of opportunities for larking around.

Andrw McCann got detention for playing the recorder through his nose. “The music teacher was not impressed.”, he said.

Alastair Speight also got into hot water in a recorder lesson. He said: “We had to rest the instrument on our chin while we learned where to find the notes.

"I looked down to find notes but I caught myself on the nose causing me to blow out, this created a whistle in the recorder and as we’d been told not to blow it, and despite my explanation I got thrown out the lesson.

And Sarah Tuukkanen was in trouble for making clucking noises while singing ‘where a mother laid her baby’ during a carol in choir.

Mark Benjamin was a real rebel. He got told off for putting two margins on an essay .

Readers also railed against uniform rules at school. Stu Garrow said he was in trouble for “wearing a Motörhead 1978 tour T-shirt under my blazer instead of a shirt.”

He added: “I was told to go home and get my tie on. I did. It looked daft with my Motörhead t shirt. I think the deputy head agreed because he sent me home for the day with a letter addressed to my dad. Like that was ever going to make it home.”

Bob McAlpin was caught “not wearing my school cap - a ridiculous design, by the way!”

George Watlin said: “(I got in trouble for) wearing long trousers when school uniform code was shorts until age 14. I was a tall gangly 11 year old with knobbly knees.

“Had to go before headmaster and have my mother write a letter to wear the long pants!”

Emma-Lee Rose Finn said it was her skirt which caused her problems. She said: “Wrong ‘shade of grey’ skirt and socks. Had to be Trutex Grey only. Put into isolation, very apt, until home time and not allowed to wear again.

Maintaining her innocence, Chris Thompson said her teachers were not impressed to find “boys rolling around in the gym.”

She said: “”It was a girls grammar and I had organised a charity rugby match with the boys’ grammar. The team were giving us some coaching - honest!!”