A Northumberland bee farmer is looking for an apprentice.

Northumberland Honey Co is on the lookout for a young person to join their beekeeping operation in the Tyne Valley.

With hives from Matfen to Brampton, the successful cadidate will learn all aspects of professional beekeeping, from building and maintaining hives, rearing queen bees and making honey, mead and produce.

A spokesperson for Northumberland Honey Co said: "The average age in the beekeeping industry is 65, but we want to attract more young people to a career in bees.

"Beekeeping sits at the core of our operation and we are lucky to have access to some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK.

"We manage over 200 hives and over 400 mating nuclei undertaking more advanced bee husbandry including queen rearing, instrumental insemination, and production of nuclei and queens to sell.

"We want to hear from would be beekeepers who thrive in the countryside and love the outdoors and who understand the physical and emotional demands of working outside with bees, in all weathers, sometimes alone, and who have a willingness to learn new skills and techniques and the capacity to work efficiently and independently."

Applicants must be aged between 18 and 24 and ideally live in the local area, with a full driving licence as travelling between hives will be part of the job.

For more information or to  apply visit https://northumberlandhoney.co.uk/job-opportunity