A Ponteland man has appeared on the HMRCs 'list of shame' which publishes the names of companies and individuals who have deliberately dodged paying their dues.

Glen Harrison, trading as Glen Harrison International,is among those named and shamed by the revenue's Publishing Details of Deliberate Defaulters scheme, following civil proceedings to recover unpaid tax.

Harrison, formerly of Ridgely Drive, Ponteland and Beaminster Way, Newcastle, was ordered to pay £40,600 in penalties, based on £58,0001.42 of duties over a seven year period between 2012 and 2019.

HMRC's Publishing Details of Deliberate Defaulters scheme flags up when a person or business has made at least one deliberate default on more than £25,000.

The Government body says that it is necessary to publish the details of those that do this in order to act as a deterrent on those flouting the rules.

A spokesperson for HMRC said: “We are committed to making sure people pay the tax they owe.

"For the minority who refuse to pay, HMRC has a range of tools available and we are able to publish the names of those penalised under civil procedures for deliberately defaulting on certain tax obligations.

"This is about influencing behaviour by encouraging defaulters to engage with HMRC.”

The Publishing Details of Deliberate Defaulters scheme only relates to companies and individuals who have been dealt with through civil proceedings, and not convicted tax criminals, whose convictions are a matter of public record.

However HMRC will only publish the details where the taxpayer has not made a full and immediate disclosure when HMRC started to investigate or prior to any investigation.

Each entry on the list is specific to the default dates to which it refers. The address is the one associated with the published person at the time of the default. For example: the published person may have changed their behaviour; may no longer be at the published address; the business currently at the published address may have no connection with published business; the business at the published address may have the same name as the published business but could be under completely new management