HEXHAM COURANT readers have been discussing controversial roadworks on the A69 that have seen damage caused to travelling cars after resurfacing work.

After we originally posted a story online last week where Highways England had responded to the claims of cars being damaged due to loose chippings hitting cars travelling along the road, several of you commented that you suffered similar scenarios on the stetch of road.

We asked if you’ve been affected by the resurfacing and over 60 people replied.

“Yes, I have a chip on my windscreen that flew up and hit me when a work wagon went passed me gutted not repaired yet,” said Facebook user Lisa Thompson.

“Yes! Waiting for my windscreen replacing … stone jumped over from the other side of the carriageway which had been resurfaced,” added Claire Priestley.

Damaged windscreens were also a common theme among several other Hexham Courant Facebook followers, with Alison Brundle adding the repair cost her £75.

“Yes my windscreen got cracked just after the road was completed and all the signs were removed,” she said.

“Its cost me £75 through my car insurance to get the windscreen replaced. The road was shocking.

Meanwhile Tom Heaney added: “Our windscreen was chipped too. On another occasion another stone flew onto windscreen with no damage- same stretch of road.”

Another Facebook follower - Andrew Spalding- also questioned the work that was carried out on the road.

“Who drove at 10mph on a dual carriageway?,” said Andrew.

“No one. Keeping it to one lane would have helped.

“Even the trucks delivering the surface material exceeded the speed limits. The whole exercise was a shambles. This should've been overnight work.”

Have you been affected by the work? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media pages.