Highways England have responded to road users comments that recent resurfacing work completed on a stretch of a busy road in the region has damaged their windscreens.

Hexham Courant readers reported in recent weeks that the works - which took place between the slip roads on the A69 westbound between Heddon on the Wall and Wylam - had damaged their cars as a result of loose chippings hitting their windscreens when travelling along the stretch of the road.

Following the reports of windscreen damage being caused, Highways England responded to the comments explaining that speed restriction signs had been installed during the work being completed.

“We have been resurfacing the A69 near Corbridge to improve the road surface for drivers along this route. During the resurfacing we put in place signs warning of loose chippings and a 10mph speed limit was in operation,” said Ben Dobson from Highways England.

“The road was swept several times after the work to remove as many chippings as possible.

“However, there is always a very small chance that chippings will work loose.

“We ask drivers to reduce the risk to their vehicles and others around them by adhering to the 10mph limit and keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front.”

One road user who reported problems with their windscreen was Julie Walker, who believed the resurfacing works caused damage to both her and her husband’s windscreens due to the chippings being loose on the road.

“I have reported it to Northumberland County Council,” said Julie.

“I have a cracked windscreen and now my husband has a cracked windscreen.

“I booked my car in with National Windscreens and they are having trouble fitting me in because of all the referrals they are getting from cracked windscreens from that section of road.

“It needs sweeping. The stones are huge.”

National Windscreens declined to comment.

The A69 road is also currently undergoing an improvement scheme at Bridge End roundabout at Hexham, with the work set to be completed later this year.

The bridge decks have been lifted into place on the project, with road users expected to benefit from the road upgrade in the coming months.