A DOG breeder has lost her appeal against animal cruelty charges.

Lynn Stoker, 64, of Raw House Farm, Byrness Village, was given a 21-week prison sentence and a £50,000 fine in September 2019 after being convicted of a string of cruelty charges against more than 100 animals.

Stoker lodged an appeal against her conviction and sentence, held over two weeks at Newcastle Crown Court from April, 19 2021, where the original decision was upheld.

After the court returned on Friday, June 11, Stoker lost the appeal on and has now been ordered to pay a further £38,000 in costs.

In addition to the fine and prison sentence, Stoker was disqualified from keeping animals for life, which cannot be appealed for 15 years.

The RSPCA was first called to the property in Byrness Village after reports of a cat with a weepy eye, and on further investigation found more than 110 neglected animals at the site.

The court heard that the RSPCA first visited Stoker in November 2017, offering help including free vaccinations, neutering, health checks, treatment, and assistance rehoming some of the dogs.

Eleven dogs were signed over to the charity’s care, but after five months the situation had not improved and the RSPCA joined police to execute a warrant in May 2018.

Officers found 107 dogs suffering from ear infections, numerous dislocated hips, and a dental disease that was so serious some had pathological fractures of the jaw.

Many dogs were kept in training cages and dirty, dark kennels.

The majority had no access to food or water.

Inspector Heidi Cleaver, who led the investigation said: “The conditions in the house were noisy, crowded and chaotic. The dogs live as a pack. There was no space for them to escape each other.

“Due to this appeal we still had a number of dogs in our care but now the case has conclude I am delighted we can now rehome them.”