A TYNEDALE dog has potentially helped to save up to 60 dogs by donating blood.

Six-year-old Red, a Labrador Retriever from Hexham, has regularly donated blood since he was one and has recently completed his 15th donation.

World Blood Donor Day was on Monday (June 14), and The Kennel Club and The Kennel Club Charitable Trust are celebrating dogs whose whose life-saving blood donations help thousands of seriously injured pets in need.

They are also hoping to raise awareness about the importance of canine blood donations.

Donated blood is used in regular surgeries as well as in emergency situations.

Red's owner Ali Scott said: "I love that Red can donate and help save lives of other dogs.

"He donates about four times a year and continued to do so throughout the pandemic.

"It was different because we couldn't accompany him inside the clinic, but the staff were amazing and he got lots of treats for his bravery!"

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust supports dog health, welfare and rescue organisations as well as important clinical research into canine health.

Reverend Bill King, Chairman of The Kennel Club Charitable Trust, said: "Dog blood donations are crucial in saving the lives of much-loved pets every day.

"We hope that this World Donor Day will raise awareness of these hero dog donors, and encourages owners to think about ways their own dog can get involved and be a life-saver."

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For more information about the trust and to donate, visit thekennelclub.org.uk/kcct