READERS of the Hexham Courant online took to social media to share their views on the news that England’s exit from lockdown could be delayed as Covid cases surge.

ELAINE BOLAM: “It is better to do it now than lots more people die. Do what needs to be done to avoid another lockdown.”

BECCA SPROAT: “If this is the case, do it. I’m happy wearing a mask and keeping my distance if that means we can avoid another full on lockdown.”

STEVEN BELL: “If that’s what it takes to keep the population safe.”

GRAHAM TESTO: “This new variant is not creating pressure on the NHS with hospitalisations and deaths, therefore the vaccine is working and this does not need to be delayed...There could be one million cases a day if nobody is being hospitalised doesn’t matter... in fact it would actually help to rid us of this.”

STEFAN YEATMAN: “Exit from what exactly? Masks?”

RAY BATHER: “Hardly anybody is dying. Just testing positive. More people die hangliding.”