A business in Northumberland has been looking at their famous pram rug following the birth of the royal baby.

Otterburn Mill, who are famous for their Otterburn Pram Rug that has been a popular brand within Buckingham Palace in the past.

One royal fan of the items created by the Mill included Queen Alexandra (the Queen’s Great Grandmother), who was presented with a hand spun, blue travel Rug from the business while on a visit to Alnwick Castle.

After being given a rug as a gift, Queen Alexandra also suggested at the time for the business to create a new item that was a smaller version of the original that would be the ideal addition to a baby’s pram.

The new creation was made in 1926 when Buckingham Palace asked the Mill to create a custom-made pram rug for the royal pram of Princess Elizabeth.

In total, 20 were originally made, with the 19 other being sold at Fenwick’s in Newcastle as part of a clearance lot.

Within two weeks of going on sale at the store, the pram rugs were sold out and it was requested by people visiting the shop that more should be made.

This large demand continued and soon the items became Mill's most popular product.

By 1939, the Northumberland business had created almost 500,000 of the items, further proving just how popular they had become in a short space of time.

Fast forwards to 2021 and the Otterburn Pram Rug remains a traditional gift for new-born babies in the region to receive.

The blankets that are produced today at the Mill remain of the highest quality and they still remain almost completely unchanged compared to the first examples created back in the previous century.

Although they are now produced in Yorkshire by Moons & Sons, the items are still created using the now classic design and only using top quality wool.

Otterburn Mill is a former textile mill and is a popular location for both locals and tourists alike to visit for a range of items.

The royal baby Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor was announced to have been born by parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle earlier this week.