A POPULAR eatery is adding a new element to its business.

Daniel Contreras took over Mexican restaurant Little Mexico in 2018.

Last year, they incorporated a juice bar into their premises on Hexham's Market Street.

And soon, they are going to be opening a tequila bar.

They are also planning on hiring a space to offer salsa lessons, with classes taught by a woman from Cuba and a man from Columbia.

“I think that is something for Hexham that people are going to enjoy,” said Daniel.

Little Mexico offered takeaways throughout lockdown when they were unable to serve customers indoors.

With many businesses not open, Daniel said one positive aspect was that they had the chance to show their food and drink offerings to locals who had never tried the restaurant before.

But he said it felt good to be able to serve seated customers indoors once again.

“It’s a game changer,” he said.

“It’s changed the complete dynamic.

“When you can sit people down, and everything is open again, you can chat with people, and obviously money-wise, it’s three times better as well.”

The restaurant attracts many regular customers.

“It’s incredible,” Daniel said.

“Basically people come to the door and you know exactly what they’re going to have.”

Daniel added that the lifting of the temporary traffic restrictions in Hexham had also made a big difference to the business.

He added: “We really suffer when they close the roads for the market days.

“Nobody comes over here.”

Little Mexico has its own tortilla machine, and everything from their nachos to their salsas are home-made.

Specific chillis and beans from Mexico are used at the restaurant.

Customers can choose from Quesadillas, tacos, burritos, salads and soups, with a variety of fillings on offer.

The restaurant has quick service, with all meals are served in less than 20 minutes, Daniel said.

The restaurant has also recently started offering traditional Mexican breakfasts.

Working alongside Daniel is one full-time staff member, and two others who work part-time.

Daniel said: “I always check the Tripadvisor reviews because I want to know what people think.

“They always mention the relaxing atmosphere, the fresh food, and the friendly service.”