A village store and tea rooms in the area has continued to be a hub for the local community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Whitfield Village Pantry has recently reopened to customers to sit indoors, with the location also doubling up as a village shop selling a range of essential items too.

“Chloe has been here five years and I have been here for seven years.” explained Janet Marriott from the Pantry.

“This has been a local store since the 1800s and I think its been a tea room for the last 20 years - a tea room and a shop.”

“We have more or less been a community centre while we’ve been in lockdown for the last 14 months.

“(Since the tearooms reopened) it has been very busy. I think everybody’s just trying to escape and get out and see everyone aren’t they?”

Janet went on to discuss more about the location, which is popular for both locals and passing traffic alike.

“Obviously this (where we are) is a shooting estate and we try and help when the shooting starts in August to February with breakfasts,” added Janet.

“We’re well known for our breakfasts actually!

“We’re open six days a week and on the seventh day you’re still busy doing paperwork or cash and carry or baking.

“It’s all home baked.

“We sell a lot of stuff from the local artists (for example) paintings and cards.”

Despite the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns the region has faced over the last 14 months, the Pantry has been able to remain open to serve customers a range of essential grocery items.

“In the pandemic we stayed open the whole time for the local people really,” said Janet.

“(We were classed) as essential with bread and milk.

“A lot of people get delivery now don’t they use and use big supermarkets but we do milk and bread and newspapers.

“You just get your regulars who shop here and the local ones they all come in.

“It’s mostly the cafe side that people want. A lot of people are passing trade

“We did takeaways before the pandemic because the gamekeepers and beaters they all came and got takeaway sandwiches and coffee, and a few of the estate workers come in (as well).

“We get a lot of youngsters from Haltwhistle and Allendale coming for breakfast.”

Whitfield Village Pantry is currently open from 8am-2pm Tuesday-Friday. On Saturdays they’re open between 9am and 2pm and on Sundays they are open between 9am and 12pm. They are closed on Mondays.