A business in the Tyne Valley has expanded into another area within the region.

TyneRede Accountancy, whose headquarters are in Bellingham, have listened to requests to bring the company into Haltwhistle and are planning to create a hub for businesses around Tynedale as a result.

“While the Westgate office was being fitted out, three new clients joined us in the first two weeks,” explained TyneRede’s founder, Chris Gillie, FCCA.

“Our business growth rate is increasing year on year by 25%, with a number of current enquiries from Gilsland, Bardon Mill and Haltwhistle.

“With changes being introduced by HMRC to the way figures are reported via digital platforms for all VAT registered businesses and individuals earning more than £10,000, we find that our services are regularly moving from compliance to business advice.

“Clients recognise that having an accountant familiar with rapidly changing tax procedures is an investment which allows them to continue running their businesses, leaving us to advise and offer professional help when needed in these challenging times.”

Located on Haltwhistle’s high street, the ‘drop-in’ office will be staffed by members of the team at TyneRede.

These include Kate Ogle - who lives in the Tynedale town - and the hub has been designed to offer a one-to-one service for the local community.

“We realise that over the past year platforms such as Zoom and Skype have been invaluable in keeping service providing companies going; some have made the decision to close business premises altogether but continue to have staff working from home,” added Chris.

“However, we are also very aware that many clients and consumers prefer human interaction and we are enjoying being able to provide that service in Haltwhistle.”