One of Northumberland’s most popular pubs is serving more than just pints this summer.

The Twice Brewed Inn at Hadrian’s Wall has welcomed back stargazers to the Twice Brewed Observatory – which is attached to the pub.

Located in the heart of the Northumberland Dark Skies Park, the observatory took delivery of six new telescopes during the first Coronavirus lockdown, opening up socially-distanced stargazing to visitors and guests.

And with restrictions lifted further, the pub has launched a variety of sessions designed to bring the magic of the starry skies just that little bit closer to earth – under the supervision of resident astronomer Wil Cheung.

There are a wide range of sessions, including Stargazing for Beginners, Family Astronomy Sessions and Astrophotography sessions to evenings focused on Jupiter, Saturn and the Milky Way.

Wil Cheung said: “It has been really wonderful to welcome people back to stargaze at The Twice Brewed. I’ve been doing a lot of stargazing and astrophotography up here by myself since the last lockdown – so it’s nice to have some company.

“Having so many telescopes allows us to ensure very group has their own equipment for each session – it’s really important to us that everyone feels safe and comfortable as we come out of the latest restrictions.

“We want them to be able to concentrate on the amazing things they’ll be seeing through the telescopes!”

So far, hundreds of visitors and guest have enjoyed Twice Brewed astronomy sessions, being able to see everything from the planets of the solar system to distant galaxies and star clusters – which would be almost impossible to see with the naked eye in a town or city.

Thanks to the combination of the pub’s remote location, lack of light pollution, and a large space to the rear of the pub, there are few places better for stargazing in Northumberland.

Wil said: “We feel very fortunate to be able to make use of the huge area at the back of the pub, which allows everyone to spread out and make the most of their time looking at the night sky.”

“We think The Twice Brewed offers a perfect location for stargazing in the Dark Skies of Northumberland – and you can enjoy the perfect pint afterwards.

More information regarding dates and details of Twice Brewed Inn’s Stargazing programme can be found at