Regarding Ken Hodcroft's letter in last week's Courant, as he seems to find important, a few things to add.

UK drawing profits from the oil industry while avoiding decommissioning costs as he fantasizes would be comparable to Scotland assuming utter freedom from UK debts. Deal!

UK Government statistics don't actually register the fact that Whisky, Scotch if you want, is a Scottish product somehow though it wouldn't rank in UK exports after independence.

You want to know why Scotland gives a 4 per cent pay rise to health workers; it's because they are valued in Scotland and seem a more rational investment than multi billions for a Test and Trace Excel spreadsheet which wasn't fit for purpose.

Of course you're getting your facts from a Government that has issues with the truth I suppose.

Bearing that in mind just whenever you're ready for the 'England Decides' vote, no point in you suffering a grievance.

Now where do you want these nuclear bombs Mr Hodcroft?


Eat Lothian