In the midst of all our current problems there are reasons to be hopeful. Change is possible.

The recent election of ‘Open Hexham’ councillors and the defenestration of many Tory councillors shows what can be done when an electorate opts for a decent future.

In Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Sheffield, Bristol, Milton Keynes and Burnley cross party joint administrations are in place and are working where Tory administrations were failing.

‘What you have to realise about the Conservative party is that it is a coalition of privileged interests. Its main purpose is to defend that privilege. And the way it wins elections is by giving just enough to just enough other people.' (A remark widely attributed to Cameron.)

Drawing inspiration from this – consider the power that a ‘coalition of the unprivileged’ (which is most of us) would have.

The SNP is a coalition of several factions and it is firmly in power.

The enquiry into the handling of the pandemic will start in 2022 and not report until 2023 at the earliest.

This almost certainly points to a 2023 general election – before the full awfulness is officially discovered.

All the non-Tory voters in the Hexham constituency need to work together to win.

Parties could agree a compromise candidate or stand back or voters could engage in highly organised tactical voting.

Tribalism and stiff necked party attitudes harm us all.

Time to change. Time for the ‘other people’ to win.


Haydon Bridge