There are plans for a new woodland to be created in a Tynedale village.

At the last meeting of Corbridge Parish Council (May 19), Chairman William Clouston said the woodland is one of five things he hopes the council can achieve in the next four years.

A tree would be planted for every resident in the village.

Coun. Clouston said: “I think it’s a decent idea and probably achievable.”

He said they will start to approach landowners to identify a suitable area of land, which will be around 10 acres.

Coun. Clouston said his other priorities for the next four years were to “start the ball rolling again” with a Neighbourhood Plan, as well as the re-configuration of the Market Place to try and reduce the number of cars in the centre.

He also said parking on the North side of the bridge needs to be addressed.

Coun. Clouston added the Parish field is another priority.

“If we get through these five things in the next four years, we will be doing pretty well,” said Coun. Clouston.

At the start of the meeting, Coun. Clouston was re-elected as Chairman of the Parish Council.

Coun. Liz Buckley was also re-elected as the council’s Vice Chair.