A charity which supports families who have children with additional needs and disabilities has launched a new specialised equipment library.

Tanga Club, which is based in Hexham, launched the library two weeks ago, which will enable parents to ‘try before they buy’ expensive specialist equipment.

Natasha Leontiou, the charity’s secretary and whose son has disabilities, came up with the initial idea.

She said she had been advised to try specialist equipment such as a spinning chair for around £150, and a weighted jacket, which costs around £80.

But she found some of the equipment was not suitable for her son.

“We were buying all of this stuff and it didn’t work,” Natasha said.

“I have spent so much money on things that are sat in cupboards.

“I thought it would be good to trial for two weeks and see if it’s any good for them.”

Natasha praised Tanga Club committee members, in particular Clare Harrison and Chair Katherine Miller, for their help in launching the library.

The library was originally funded by NHS Charities Together through the Bright Northumbria Charity.

Natasha said they have since received funding from Stocksfield Parish Council, Tynedale Lions, Karbon Homes, the National Lottery, Hadrian Trust, and The Rothley Trust, which has helped the library grow.

The library has its own website, where people can browse through the equipment available.

Equipment includes weighted blankets and walking harnesses, as well as specialist books.

None of the items are more than £10 for a two-week loan.

All equipment comes with a crib sheet, so those hiring the equipment receive a general idea of how to use it, dos and don’ts, and any safety instructions.

Natasha said: “It’s something we have worked so hard on.

“I think it’s going to make a huge difference.”

Only members of the charity have access to the specialised library, but membership to join Tanga Club is free.