A star of BBC’s Doctor Who paid a sic-fi museum in the region a visit last weekend.

Sophie Aldred, who was the Doctor Who companion from 1986 -89 alongside the seventh doctor Sylvester McCoy, visited Neil Cole’s Adventures in Science Fiction: Museum of Sci-fi to film clips ahead of an upcoming DVD and Blu-ray film release.

Sophie was also joined by Keith Barnfather for the shoot, and Neil explained that he was delighted to welcome both people to the museum.

“In terms of the museum, it’s going to be part of a new film called Doctor Who Lockdown which is a story of Doctor Who fans generally in lockdown and how people use it as a comfort and a feel good and how it was a positive thing in lockdown,” said Neil.

“All the links have been filmed with Sophie in the museum.

“But in terms of the bigger picture, for our village it’s another thing.

“A couple of years ago we were on Netflix, but in a way this is better because this DVD is going to go out to to the people who really like the museum.

“It’s going direct to the audience. It’ll help tourism for us and help bring people in the village which is great following Covid so to just get people through the doors will be fantastic.”

Neil also went on to explain how it felt to have someone from the show being involved with his museum.

“For me personally, my daughter Matilda, who is 10, she is at an age where we sit and watch Doctor Who together and she adores the seventh Doctor and (his companion) Ace.

“When I said Ace was coming, she was just blown away and Sophie was absolutely lovely and one of the nicest people you’ll ever get to meet.

“Immediately she wanted to meet Matilda and they ended up in her bedroom and Matilda was showing Sophie her crystal collection!”