A resident in a town in the Tyne Valley has explained about his love for stone art after being dubbed as the town’s ‘River Banksy’.

David Roe, a long-standing resident in Haltwhistle, regularly makes new creations near the River Tyne out of stones and rocks.

“I’m a Performance Poet and writer and have lived in Haltwhistle 25 years,” said David.

“To be honest, I have indulged in stone balancing and stone art for many years.

“Pre-lockdown, I liked to explore new areas and places, and often leave a tower or creation where I pass.

“So as other performance work dried up with Covid, its just another way of the artist within sneaking its way out.

“The riverside at Haltwhistle holds its own beauty, and as most people have, I have been rediscovering places closer to home.”

David, who regularly shares images of his creations on social media, went on to explain how he thinks of what creations to build.

“It is a form of meditation, you can only do it if you are calm and relaxed. Then the balance of the stone will come to you.

“Many times I see shapes and faces within the stones, and that guides what the piece becomes.

“I am a huge lover of the riverside here, and have spent many hours clearing the litter from the footpaths and walks.

“I see the place as a blank canvas, each flood of water wiping it clean. New stones for new creations.

“Many people have told me, it brings a smile to their faces as they walk the dog and view the towers.”