A HOMEOWNER is planning to demolish a single storey rear utility room and replace it with a new one with a sun lounge.

Chris Clarke, of Shield Street, in Allendale, is seeking planning permission from Northumberland County Council for the project.

The new utility room, as well as the sun lounge, would include two conservation rooflights and associated alterations to the rear door and window arrangements.

The planning statement reads: "The existing utility is constructed in single brick, is in a dilapidated state and detracts from the appearance of the rest of the stone built dwelling, therefore its demolition is considered to be essential to the improvement of the property.

"The alterations to the existing rear door and window arrangements are of a minor nature, using materials that will match the rest of the development, and are therefore also regarded as improvements to the existing design."

Gary Craig Architectural Services, of Whitburn, is the agent working on behalf of Mr Clarke.