The latest guest at Hexham-based accountancy firm Armstrong Watson's popular agriculture series 'An Audience With...' was due to be a strong advocate for women in the industry.

Annabel Hamilton, who is strong advocate for women in agriculture and encouraging the younger generation into the industry, was the latest name announced as part of the line-up for 2021 was due to share her story with host Andrew Robinson, head of Agriculture, during a live webinar from 7pm this week.

Arable and cattle farmer Annabel farms 2,500 acres along the Berwickshire coast with her father Will. They produce high-quality malting barley for Simpsons Malt which is then shipped all over the world.

Despite her youth, Annabel is highly experienced in farm management having gained valuable insight whilst overseeing the arable operations of large farm businesses in Northumberland and Lincolnshire before returning to the family farm in recent years.

She was due to talk about her experiences studying and working away and how, since she has returned, the family approach the subject of succession.

She was also due to reveal the practices her family employ on their farm to gain valuable time back and ensure the business is thriving, more about their latest diversification project - a pick you own pumpkin patch – and what it takes to fatten 300 cattle a year for high-quality butchers.

Commenting on the series Andrew Robinson said: “To date, we’ve had a great insight into how farmers diversify in different ways.

"Will was very candid and honest. He and his family are a great example of how to drive a business forward and keep it going for future generations, and our April guest, Jim Beary, was very open and a great inspiration for those wanting to get into farming or expand."

Annabel said: “For me, succession is a vitally important topic in Agriculture. As my father and I begin the succession process, it is allowing the farming business to move forward and begin a knowledge exchange between us both which for me is exciting, enjoyable, and essential.”