A village shop has continued being there for customers despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Bardon Mill’s Village Store - which also doubles up as a tearoom - has stayed open throughout the last 14 months and has been a lifeline for customers during the uncertain times that everyone has faced.

The business, which is family run, has regularly adapted to ensure they have been able to stay open and serve their local community with essential items and takeaway food and drinks.

“We have been running the shop for eight years,” says Michael Smith, who runs the business with wife Dawn.

“We bought the shop when it had been closed for a number of years. It had been the old post office and village store before the post office was taken away from the people who owned the shop.

“They decided to close the shop and we bought it when it was empty. It’s partly a village shop and its partly a coffee shop. Normally we would have tables out for people to sit and have coffees (inside) and sandwiches.

“We don’t have a kitchen so we are a little bit restricted about what we can do by environmental health.

“We can’t cook, so we have scones, cold sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, soup and all kinds of coffee and teas, ice creams and a selection of local gifts that are made by local people.”

The shop - which sells a range of essential items - has remained open during the pandemic and has been a lifeline for local residents in and around the village as a result.

“We have dairy, household, beer, bread and fresh bread (from a local baker),” said Michael.

“We try to cover every aspect of shopping. We have outside seating for the coffee shop and also have the green (outside) with an abundance of picnic tables.

“We have (had) lots of people picnicking out there. (This was) not just in the summer but also through the winter - especially this winter!

“Normally we’d have people sitting in (here) on tables that are currently being used to display giftware but we can’t have anyone sitting in (at the moment).

“As far as the pandemic is concerned, we are grocery and are therefore considered essential. We haven’t closed for a single day (since last March).

“I have help from a couple of ladies in the village and between us we are open every day. We have followed the rules (religiously) - social distancing, sanitising and we’ve managed to keep everyone safe.”

Bardon Mill Village Store is currently open every day between 10am and 4pm.