A popular member of staff at a North Tyne village surgery is moving on after 35 years.

Katherine Dixon joined Wark and Humshaugh Surgery in 1986 and in recent years has become more widely involved with the administration of the practice.

Katherine said: “I have many happy memories of my time here and am honoured to have worked in such a beautiful area where I have spent all my working life, building up long lasting relationships with local families who have allowed me to share their happiness and also their loss.

“I thank them for allowing me into their lives.”

Katherine recalls seeing “Baby clinics” in local village halls, patients knitting and reading and having a chat as they waited to see the GP, and using typewriters and tippex instead of computers!

She continued: “Life was a lot less chaotic, formal, and pressurised and as time has moved on, demands have increased massively on GP services.

“There comes a point when it is time to move on and retire gracefully from the NHS.”

Though Katherine is retiring from the Wark and Humshaugh Surgery, she is moving on to work om a part time position at the Rocky Road Café in Bellingham.

She said: “I’m moving to a completely different working environment that I’m really looking forward to.”

The surgery said: “Katherine has worked tirelessly for all those living in Humshaugh, Wark and the wider community.

“Residents are invited to contribute to a gift to thank her for her service and to mark this outstanding record.

“Donations may be left at or sent to the Humshaugh Village Shop.”