An environmental transport group are fundraising for a greener form of transport in Hexham.

Active Travel Tynedale have launched a crowdfund to raise £15,000 for an electric cycle rickshaw taxi and ‘last mile’ delivery service in the town.

The aim is to reduce congestion and improve air quality by getting people to rely on their cars less – as well as offering a fun way to sightsee.

Nick Morphet, newly elected County Councillor for the Green Party at Humshaugh, said: “The idea was born when the Market Place was closed. We looked into clean, safe ways of getting around while supporting local businesses. There are so many reasons we’d like to introduce a rickshaw. We are concerned about climate change and air pollution, and it would make Hexham more attractive.”

Carolin Blaske from Active Travel Tynedale added: “The idea with the rickshaw is that we acknowledge people might need to use cars or public transport, especially those with mobility issues, but the rickshaw can be a shuttle service into the centre of town.”

There is also the hope that if the project is successful, tourists can use it as a way to get to know Hexham.

Wendy Breach said: “We think it could be a real pull for people who come by train or bus and can enjoy a rickshaw ride up the hill into town. We thought about doing pleasure rides for people who can’t cycle themselves too. Tyne Green would be the perfect place!”

Not only are Active Travel Tynedale thinking of tourism and taxiing, but they are also exploring the possibility of launching a ‘clean’ delivery service involving Hexham Farmers’ Market and other local independent businesses in the town centre. Carolin and Nick both trialled using their bikes with trailers attached as delivery services during the pandemic.

Peter Samsom, Manager of Hexham Farmer’s Market, said: “It's an idea I have been keen on for a while, especially in the light of our experience with the road closure on Beaumont Street on farmers' market Saturdays which have made the farmers' market shopping experience really pleasant. Having a delivery service which could get people's shopping to either the car park or to people's homes in Hexham would be a great addition and would take away the need to carry shopping bags back.”

The long term vision for the rickshaw is that it becomes a not for profit business that pays a living wage.

Carolin said: “We’re getting help from Business Northumberland. At the moment, we need some help with the business side of things and a volunteer to pedal the bike. However, eventually we want to pay a fair living wage to the rider.”

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